[Edinburgh-pm] IDE with project-wide scope

Marco Fontani fontani at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 09:40:12 PST 2007

I use Eclipse a lot, apart for some GIT projects which don't integrate as well.

I feel quite comfortable with gVim though, for the plug-in
perl-support (http://lug.fh-swf.de/vim/vim-perl/screenshots-en.html)
gVim does the code folding (if you want), and the module perl-support
also includes tags support (using ctags): I just press F8 and it comes
up with all the tags in the file (browseable), and the various POD
sections as well.

I'm pretty sure (to please the fans of the Escape Meta Alt Cokebottle
Shift operating system) that there's something quite similar for it as
well. I know I've used c-mode and perl-mode in the past, but can't
remember much about it


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