[Edinburgh-pm] Birmingham.pm World Tour

Rory Macdonald rory at employees.org
Mon Apr 16 12:59:21 PDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-04-16 at 14:23 +0100, Barbie wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Following our very enjoyable night out in Edinburgh last year, I've been
> thinking about having another jaunt to fit in with our World Tour for
> 2007. However, the difference this year is we're doing a speaking tour,
> with a variety of Perl related topics.
> Seeing as you guys seem to mostly favour the social meetings, and the
> fact that some of you are also on the EdLUG list, and we've been touring
> mostly Linux user groups, what are your thoughts on doing some kind of
> joint event?
> Depending upon the date, we could have a few members of Birmingham.pm
> travelling up, and could potentially fill an evening, but it's always
> nice to do a mixed night of guests and locals :)
> I'll try and check the Edinburgh.pm list more regularly over the next
> week, or feel free to get in touch offlist.

Hey Barbie,

I'd be quite happy for such a double up. EdLUG have been discussing the
matter of locations for talks/beers/etc this last week.


Despite a couple of close misses, ed.pm has yet to host any talks, so
I'm sure we would be happy to piggyback on the efforts of EdLUG re. a
location for a talk.

I think Aaron is the only current monger here who does Perl
presentations - maybe he could be persuaded to wade in with a talk
too? :-)

Faye, this sound good to you?

Barbie, do you have a vague month in mind?


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