[Edinburgh-pm] Talks

Andrew Smith asmith9983 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 11:00:11 PDT 2006

I'm in the process of putting some training together  on ViM essentials, 
trying to provide a few tips on getting up the learning curve, and why 
its worth doing so, To get to the powerful features that make Vim  the 
editor of choice, and gvim if you have no choice but to use windows.
I could also do one on Bash and Bash scripting. After Bash I could also 
do my one on Linux utilities.   e.g Why you should learn  what they do, 
and how you can with a script tie together a set of programs with 
specific tasks, but flexible with command line options.
All of things sit alongside Perl, so should interest everyone.  I have a 
projector iBook, and screen which I can  bring along.  We could probably 
arrange to sit out of the way of other customers at the rear of the 
Guildford  Arms, although they would be welcome to sit in.  I'd also 
bring along copies of my training booklets.  Its a combination of 
original work,  useful web  and man pages, with laminated covers.
Please post feedback.

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