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>>>>> Nick Woolley writes:
    > Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 18:07:51 +0100
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    > Hello -

    > Murray wrote:
    >> Sept 13th is the next meeting, and there is a Whiskey and Cheese tasting
    >> event at the Scottish Malt Whisky Society http://www.smws.co.uk/ that
    >> night.

    > Sounds like a nice idea. A bit pricy perhaps (which might explain the 
    > brooding silence)?

That's certainly part of it.  Plus the hassle (and cost) getting down
to Leith (bus down, taxi share back or something).  Suddenly it's 30
pounds for the evening.

That may or may not be good value, but at that price,
and with a 6:30 start (and not on an empty stomach), it's become 
"an event".  It has quite a different feel from just an informal pint
that I get along to if I feel like it.

Maybe that is good!  If people sign up and pay up, they'll show up!

So would I go?  Well, as an event in its own right, I'd CONSIDER it, but
it's borderline.  Especially so soon after the fringe/festival, and so
early (both in the year and evening -- I associate whisky appreciation
with cold dark nights :-).  

On the other hand, a PM trip would probably be fun, and a Good Thing
to boot.

So I, for one, am sitting on the fence to see how many others are

Oh, and pointing out that the "closed distillery night"
in Queen Street on the 27th appeals more...

    > Are these SMWS tasting events worth the extra cash?  I suppose five 
    > whiskies plus five cheeses might be a good deal, I can never remember 
    > how much the whiskies are there.

    > Anyway, as another member I can sign in 3 extra people to the SMWS. 
    > Given >2 members, and given the usual turnout, well that might mean we 
    > could be able to go and have a more impromptu whisky, if we're not quite 
    > organised enough to get tickets for this event.

Uh huh!  The Queen Street branch is certainly not far from the

Oh, and we could always do an "in house" one again, once the nights
draw in... 

    > N


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