[Edinburgh-pm] Perl Skills in Edinburgh

Robert Inder robert at interactive.co.uk
Fri May 20 05:40:53 PDT 2005

Well, I asked whether there was anybody out there: it seems there is!

A few folk have asked what kind of project or employment I am offering.  

The short, and superficially surprising, answer is that I don't know yet.

Those of you who read ed.general will know that Dr. Richard Caley died
suddenly last month.

Richard was the Technical Director of Interactive Information Ltd.  As
well as being a voluminous newsgroup poster, he was an phenomenally
capable computer scientist, programmer and system developer.  Richard
had expertise at the highest level in Perl; Java; Javascript and
LiveConnect.  He also had a tremendous knowledge of "all things
Internet and Unix", coupled with an enthusiasm and ability to learn to
do whatever needed to be done.

I'm not expecting to find one person to simply step in and do
everything that he did.  I think I'm really looking for between one
and two "full time equivalents" who will be involved in designing,
building and supporting systems on some kind of long-term basis, and
who will help shape the development of the company.

I really don't know how that will pan out in terms of employees
vs. contract or self-employed; full- vs part-time people; cash
vs. profit-share.

There is definitely work to be done, but it is likely to be several
weeks before I'll be in a position to offer anything concrete.  I'm
still clarifying what needs to be done, and only starting to explore
what kinds of person or involvement might be possible.  Hence "is
there anybody out there?"

But right now, I'd be glad to hear from or about people who have real
expertise in Perl (plus Java and/or Javascript), and extensive
knowledge/experience of computing.  

I'd invite anyone interested to send me a CV or similar, plus some
words about WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR: not only the sort of work, but
also the working arrangements, in terms of hours/week, flexibility,
contract size/length, stability, control of your destiny, or whatever. 

Giving an idea of your minimum and target contract rate or salary expect
would probably save a lot of time...


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