[Edinburgh-pm] Seeking Perl Skills in Edinburgh

Ben Soares ben.soares at ed.ac.uk
Wed May 18 02:32:28 PDT 2005

On Wed, 18 May, 2005 10:25, Robert Inder wrote:
> I'm looking for individuals with Perl and Unix experience,
> in or around Edinburgh.
> This list would seem to be an obvious place to look, but
> the archive suggests it has died...
> Is there anybody out there?

We're here... just very, very quiet

Ben Soares                              	   tel:	+44 (0)131-651 1238
EDINA, Edinburgh University Data Library	   fax:	+44 (0)131-650 3308
Main Library Building, George Square    	 email:	ben.soares at ed.ac.uk
Edinburgh EH8 9LJ, Scotland, UK         	   www:	http://edina.ac.uk/

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