[Edinburgh-pm] Anyone up for a drink this weekend ?

Hakim hakim at fotango.com
Fri Jul 15 04:38:38 PDT 2005

David Baird wrote:
> hakim at fotango.com wrote:
>>I'll be up for the weekend - anyone fancy meeting up for drinks Saturday
>>night in Bruntsfield or somewhere?
> Sounds like a plan. Anybody else?

Not much of a plan yet!  Out of extreme laziness and lack of imagination, I propose

- the Links hotel bar, Bruntsfield

Saturday 8pm

As I have no Perl books with me, I have long hair, darkish skin, possibly a 
beard (if I haven't got around to shaving).  I may have my (non-technie) brother 
with me, in which case there would be 2 long haired, darkish skinned people (my 
brother will definitely have a beard...)
I'll recognize Aaron, dunno if I've met any of the rest of you at YAPC or london.pm?

Let me know if you're interested in coming.
Oh, and I'll go along with other venues - the important thing for me is to get a 
good couple of pints of 80,- down while I can!


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