[edinburgh-pm] YAPC Europe 2004

Anthony Randell anthony at randell.org
Fri May 7 06:45:26 CDT 2004

Hi All,

YAPC Europe is being held in Belfast this year.  I'm planning on going and I'm
interested if anyone fancies meeting at the pub to discuss plans?  It's been a
while since the last meet so it's a good excuse to drink beer anyway.

More YAPC details are here:


"YAPC::Europe 2004 will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from Wednesday
15th to Friday 17th September.

Our theme will be "Perl for Profit", so we would encourage you to think of how
you have used Perl to make or save money. As previous YAPCs have deviated from
their theme, we would also encourage you to use a definition of "profit" that
suits you.

YAPC is an inexpensive conference designed by and for Perl users."

Cheers in anticipation of beers,



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