[edinburgh-pm] Perl certification, quick poll

Rory Macdonald rory at employees.org
Thu Sep 4 05:22:36 CDT 2003


I'm currently chatting with Tim Maher (a Seattle perl monger) about the
issue of Perl Certification. Tim is currently working on an article on
this topic and I thought it would be interesting to see what the
Edinburgh collective thought about it.

At this time there isn't a serious or widely respected Perl
Certification out there. I'd simply (at this stage) like to know whether
you would like to see the creation of a serious[1] Perl Certification

I'll get the ball rolling by simply saying, as someone who is currently
job hunting, I would love to be able to stamp my CV with a respected
"Perl Certified" differentiator for all those HR/recruitment types out
there to catch their toes on. 



[1] "Serious" in this context is touted (by Tim) as a certification
procedure whose tests are;

	designed by subject matter experts 
        compliant with established psychometric principles (validity,
        reliability, etc.) 
        administered under tightly regulated conditions 
        controlled by a respected organization 
        endorsed by influential organizations 
        equipped with feedback mechanisms, to facilitate identification
        and correction of errors 

Rory Macdonald <rory at employees.org>

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