[edinburgh-pm] Which Perl module for reading from simple databases?

David Marsh's listreading hat lists2003 at viewport.clara.co.uk
Wed Oct 15 10:51:37 CDT 2003

Thanks everyone for confirming that there is indeed life out there.. ;-)

Now, here's my question.

I'd like to incorporate some data from a simple "database" (in the
loosest sense) into a page on my website. The data to be included will
be text only (field names, free text, URIs, etc).

The data would be used in the context of: either selecting and
displaying all data in the database in an ordered fashion, or, selecting
and displaying certain records in the database based on form input (ie,
field selection) by the user.

I was thinking of doing something like creating a CSV
(comma-separated-values) file, ie, something that I can easy edit by
hand -- or alternatively, something that I can easily create/edit
through a webform on localhost if that is supported. I explicitly don't
want to go to the hassle of MySQL (although I'm perhaps open to
persuasion on that?).

Can anybody tell me if there is a Perl module which would do the kind of
thing I'm looking for? (I'm sure there is, but there's just so much to
search through!)

Thanks for any advice,


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