[edinburgh-pm] Damian talk?

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Tue Aug 6 08:43:45 CDT 2002

From: Rory Macdonald <rory at employees.org>
Date: 8/6/02 1:27:13 PM

> Hi,
> I'd like to get a feel for how much interest there would 
> be in inviting Damian Conway to give a talk in 
> Edinburgh/Glasgow. According to his schedule he's in the 
> England this month and Northern Ireland the start of next.
> I have to be in the States this month while he's here, but
> will be back the start of Sept, when he's in N.I.  For 
> clearly selfish reasons I'd like to see if we can book him
> after Belfast have had him - which would make it around 
> the 1st/2nd week of Sept.
> So, anyone interested in hearing 'the Damian' give a talk?
> A list of his recent talks can be seen at
>	http://www.yetanother.org/damian/events.html
> If you are interested, can you also state days which 
> _wouldn't_ suit you? Ta.

If you can't get anything organised you'd be more than welcome,
I'm sure, at the two london.pm meetings where he'll be speaking
at the end of August.




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