[edinburgh-pm] ullo all

Michael Dales michael at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Wed Aug 8 09:55:25 CDT 2001

Ah well, if this is turning into a PA meeting...

I'm Michael, and see Perl less as a scripting language, more as a way of life 
;) I'm in Glasgow, but can easily be persuaded to visit Edinburgh if beer is 

It is my belief that Perl code is self documenting as Perl is a natural first 
language, but occasionally needs translating into other language for less 

I worry that Perl 6 will screw up all my code. The Campaign for Real Perl 
starts here.

I have discovered ePerl which allows me to use Perl as a hardware description 
language now - this is *very* useful.

Oh, I probably count as a geek. Sorry.

Michael Dales --- email: michael at dcs.gla.ac.uk --- tel: +44 141 330 6297
Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

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