[edinburgh-pm] Anyone interested in a meet?

Charlie Stross charlie at antipope.org
Wed Mar 15 11:34:57 CST 2000

On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 at 05:19:47PM +0000, Julian Turnbull wrote:
>     Charlie> It's been about three months since the first (and only)
>     Charlie> face-to-face.  Anyone interested in organising (or attending)
>     Charlie> another?
> Attending, yes.  With an office move closely followed by a change of job (oh,
> and a rebranding that means changing our domain name in between) coming up, I
> don't think my brain is going to be in any sort of fit state for organizing.

I believe Rory's been talking to the Alligator about a talk on DBI.

I believe someone here can probably give a talk about Auxinet^WDatacash
and its use of perl in a bet-the-company situation.

Claudio can talk about implementing INTERCAL in perl while everybody hides.

... so I think we can sort out speakers/ideas.

The remaining questions are:

* where


* when

The Standing Order, although agreeable on the beer/smoke/food front, is a
bit full -- unless they have function space.

It should be possible to borrow the function room at the Southsider, though
(up on West Nicholson Street, IIRC?). And there's always the Holyrood

My vote for a time would be  the last Tuesday of the month -- in this
instance, Tuesday 28th -- or later. Ideally, same time/place each month?

>     Charlie> Anyone got any ideas for talks or things they want to learn about?
> Beer? :-).

I can arrange for a brewer or two to lecture us on real ale, if
you're serious ;-)

my $glass = new Pub::Crawl();

$beers = $glass->list_from_pumps();
foreach $brew (@$beers) {
    while ($glass->empty()) {

-- Charlie

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