Edinburgh Perl Mongers meeting

Ian Stuart ian.stuart at ed.ac.uk
Wed Nov 10 02:38:34 CST 1999

Rory Macdonald wrote:
> This is an announcement for the first meeting of the Edinburgh Perl
> Mongers.
> Perl Mongers are individuals who have an interest in the Perl programming
> language.
>        Event : Edinburgh Perl Mongers `get to know each other'.
>        Venue : The Standing Order, 62-66 George St, Edinburgh.
>                (try the non-smoking room on the North side)
>        Date  : Thursday 18th November 1999.
>        Time  : 7:30pm onwards.

Another Thursday!
I can't do Thursdays (or Tuesdays) :(

(I'm a bit of a munger, well - I teach a 1-day intro course at UofE..)

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