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Hello, if you'd be so good as to forward this i'd appreciate it! I am
sub'ed just not on this address and am on a phone, sadly.

Thanks, Paul

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Subject: The Perl Journal back issues
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Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 16:42:14 +0000
Subject: The Perl Journal back issues

Hello Dub.pm -  I have 17 back issues of TPJ' all the way from the
first. These could be collector's items...

If anyone's interested please drop a line. Any offers I'll pass on to
as a donation to tpf. My main concern is these go to a good home.
They're currently in semi storage in D8, merchant quays. If you claim
them right now while I'm physically still here that'd be even better.

I also have several dozen CS titles from Art of programming to Z,
formal spec. Photoshop, maths, Electronics, and more. big monitor, Tv,
scanner. You get the idea :-) I have pics but no means to upload just

Paul 0868529172

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