[Dub-pm] Anyone going to IWTC in February

Tim Bunce Tim.Bunce at pobox.com
Wed Jan 30 05:58:42 PST 2008

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 05:11:44AM -0500, psinnottie at aol.com wrote:
>    Assuming iwtc  = irish web technologies conference.

Ah, yes. I figured it was well known, perhaps it isn't.  I see google finds these:

    International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones
    International Women's Tribune Centre
    International Watch Trading Company


>    The website google finds does little to grab my interest , is the conference better than the website?

I don't know, I've never been. Certainly the website (http://iwtc.firstport.ie)
isn't inspiring. Just a blog of news related to the conference.
No context, no vision.

Well burried among the "We're pleased to announce that foo is doing bar" posts
is an old 'Updated Provisional Agenda' from 8th Jan:


It's possibly very outdated, but I've appended the text anyway.
Hopefully an updated schedule will be posted soon. I'll shout when it is.


Day 1.
    Opening Addresses
    The Irish Web Industry
    Money makes the Web Go Round
    Special VIP
    Panel Discussion

Day 2.

Track 1 - Web Development Case Studies - 5 x 75 minute sessions
    (presented by the web development sponsors of IWTC)
    Session 1  - Web Site Objectives ? surveying user requirements / demands

Track 2 ? Angels
    (1/2 day de-mystification of VC / Angels)
    Demo IWTCon - 10 x 15 minute sessions
    (presented by the biggest baddest entrepreneurs in Ireland)

Track 3 - Web Designer 1 - 5 x 75 minute sessions
    User Testing
    Semantic Web
    Search Engine Optimisation
    Ajax (Principles)
    Moving Applications to Mobile
    Agile Web Development

Day 3

Track 4 - Web Developer 1 - 5 x 75 minute sessions
    PHP Zend Framework
    Intro to Django
    Intro to rails
    History of Perl

Track 5 - Web Designer 2 - 5 x 75 minute sessions
    Graphics design
    Silverlight (Martha Confirmed)
    Adobe Flex
    Java FX (Sun Confirmed)
    Amazon AWS

Track 6 - E-Commerce Applications - 5 x 75 minute sessions
    Payment Gateways
    Ordering / Stock
    SMS Gateways (Conor O?Neill)

Day 4

Track 7 - Web Developer 2 - 5 x 75 minute sessions
    Non-ORM Data Storage
    Asterisk & VOIP
    Security Space Free Web Survey Reports
    DNS Hacks for Site Uptimne and Performance
    Memcached fro Performance
    Using Parsers and State Machines to Solidify your code
    Mashups and Scraping
    Writing and API for your App

Track 8 - Horizontal
    Hosting Options for long lived procresses (ie rails / Django)
    Analytics - Measuring Success
    Scaling Applications
    Performance & Tuning
    Version COntrol

Track 9 ? Marketing & Legal - 5 x 75 minute sessions
    HTML Email Marketing and Standards
    Blogging with Tom Raftery
    Global Microbrands
    Creating Passionate Users
    Data Protection
    Terms and Conditions
    Jurisdiction and Copyright
    Our Civil Rights Online

>    Thanks
>    Peter
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>  Anyone going to IWTC in February?
>  Tim.
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