[Dub-pm] Perl & SSH

Dave Burke daveb at esat.net
Fri Mar 11 04:38:13 PST 2005


I've got an internal looking glass for some of our support types to use.
Its basically MRLG hacked to include a few extra features.

It was working great until we started turning off telnet on certain
routers, so I now need to upgrade it to talk to the routers via ssh.

I'd prefer to just add to the existing script, so I've been looking at
the various ways that perl & ssh work.

	Good: libnet-ssh-perl package for debian, so I dont have to build any
	Bad: doesn't support passwords.

	Good: Supports passwords
	Bad: No deb package && lots of dependencies for building the module

Or, would I be better off just using something like Expect.pm?

Opinions welcomed on the best way to do SSH with passwords in perl.


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