[Dub-pm] Off topic: Desk space sought in Dublin

kieran kieran at kitsite.com
Tue Jul 19 05:05:52 PDT 2005

Hi Proinnsias,

>	I'm CC-ing the list, as it might be on-topic for others. Have
>you considered finding a DSL capable abode with a spare room you could
>kit-out as an office...
Thanks for the advice.
It's something I've considered, but rejected on account of the fact that 
I generally fail when I try to separate work from real life! I end up 
not being able to concentrate on my work, and also not giving my partner 
and baby son the attention that, when they're in the next room, I feel I 
_should_ be giving them!
I know it works out more expensive but I'm going to try to get a space 
in a shared office.
At present, I've a similar set-up in London, and find it works quite 
well. There's a nice mixture of companies (who even offer 
advice/services to each other on occasion). It's more central (which 
means it's useful when clients visit); and a couple of people to say 
"good morning / did you see the football last night" to is an 
oft-undervalued (imo) feature of an office!
Thanks for the DSL info though. It might still come in useful.
All the best,

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