[Dub-pm] Dublin pm meeting Thursday 23rd at 7:30

Dermot McNally dermot at directski.com
Thu Sep 23 08:58:19 CDT 2004

Dave O Connor wrote:

> Well, it looks like things are coming together for the meeting this thursday.
> I'd like to thank Aidan Kehoe and the folks at Phorest for kindly
> volunteering a venue.

I and a colleague had planned to attend, but hadn't spotted that it 
clashes with an event from the Dublin Agile Special Interest Group, 
which we were already booked into. Our fault.

However, it ends at 20:00, so we'd still have a chance of catching the 
rest of you in the middle of things, or in the pub afterwards.

In case it ends up to be the latter, could some kind soul who expects to 
be there e-mail me a mobile number offlist? Nothing worse than trying to 
find a bunch of strangers in a crowded pub...


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