[Dub-pm] Dublin pm meeting Thursday 23rd at 7:30

Dave Burke daveb at esat.net
Tue Sep 21 04:18:13 CDT 2004

Can anybody recommend a good place to park near by for this? 

My knowledge of streets north of the liffey is almost non-existant :-/


Dave O Connor wrote:
>Howdy folks,
>Well, it looks like things are coming together for the meeting this thursday.
>I'd like to thank Aidan Kehoe and the folks at Phorest for kindly
>volunteering a venue.
>The first meeting of Dublin.pm will be held in the offices of Phorest, at 69
>Middle Abbey street ('Across from penneys, above 'connected' a sportswear
>shop'). Just a hort walk from O'Connell street. I'm guessing a lot of folks
>prefer a city-centre type venue for this. We'll be hoping to kick off at 7:30
>sharp, with adjourning to pub left until probably 8:30 or so (unless
>folks there desire otherwise).
>Talks confirmed are a talk on Writing Win32 services with perl I'll be doing.
>Also, some folks have said they'll give a short trip report from YAPC::Europe,
>which was last week in Belfasti (could whoever it was contact me? Brain like a
>sieve here). . There'll be some O'Reilly stuff there for
>grabbing, and I'm hoping to have some copies of The Perl Review (although
>chances are they're not going to be here on time, I only requested them
>It'll be a pretty informal meeting, so please do feel free to come along. The
>room isn't massive, so come early to get one of the seats :)
>Hoping to see exactly the right amount of you there!
>    - DoC
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