[Dub-pm] Call for Venue: First tech meeting of Dublin.pm

Dave O Connor doc at redbrick.dcu.ie
Thu Sep 2 06:03:41 CDT 2004

Hi, folks.

Well, it has been a while. I apologise that we've been a little dead, since,
well, probably the inception of the group, but between switching jobs and
being out of the country for a while, Dublin.pm's been on a bit ofa

I'm afraid I won't be attending YAPC::Europe, since holidays, other
commitments, and general awkwardness is getting in the way. However, I'm
hoping to arrange the first tech meeting of Dublin.pm for 23rd September. This
is the thursday after YAPC::Europe.

One (pretty big) obstacle is the lack of a venue. My current workplace
isn't being forthcoming with providing us with a venue, so I'm asking
if anyone else would be willing to physically host this meeting? Or, if
anyone has suggestions for a venue with minimal cost, that has projection
facilities and most importantly of all, is close to a pub for afters :) Please
let the list know.

Also, If anyone has a small (or large!) talk that they'd like to give, please
let me know, since this'll be what the meeting's all about. I'll hopefuly be
giving a short talk on writing well-behaved windows services with
Win32::Service, and I'm hoping other folks will come forward with stuff they'd
like to expound upon, like a cool module, some nice tricks or pattersns they
use all the time, or just a nice project they've found, or founded, that they
need help on. I've also got a limited amount of O'Reilly goodies to give away.

As always, feel free to post to the list with anything (it's not like we're
high-volume), and let's try to make this first meeting a success!


    - DoC

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