[Dub-pm] Phone numbers

Paul Barry paul.barry at itcarlow.ie
Tue Oct 19 05:59:41 CDT 2004

Duh!  Forgot to copy the list on this reply ... sorry.

David Cantrell wrote:
> Now, I know that it *used* to be possible to dial phones in Northern
> Ireland from the Republic using a shortcut in the Republic's national
> numbering plan instead of dialling internationally using +44 blah.  Is
> this still possible?  The latest data I have is from 2000, and indicates
> that 048 NNNNNNNN is equivalent to +44 28 NNNNNNNN.

Yes, I use 04890 plus the number for Belfast.

Interestingly, Vodafone bar my attempts to use 00+44+, but let me use 
04890 ...


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