[Dub-pm] Quick pack question.

Mcnamara John John.Mcnamara at snamprogetti.eni.it
Wed Oct 13 08:39:52 CDT 2004

Aidan Kehoe wrote:

> Hmm, thanks for that, but there's relatively little pack magic
> compared to what I had a gut feeling, was possible. Ah well. Pack
> seems more oriented to quanities greater than a byte.

Yes, in fact here is a laconic entry from perltodo (5.8.0):

   "bitfields in pack"

Anyway, it is a little late but here is a pack-ier example just to
generate some traffic:

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w

    print my $str = sprintf "%032b", 123456789;

    my $template_A = 'A7' x (length($str) / 7);
    my $template_B = 'B7' x (length($str) / 7);

    my @nums = map    {$_ >> 1}
               unpack 'C*',
               pack   $template_B,
               unpack $template_A, $str;

    printf "%07b %d\n", $_, $_ for @nums;


    0000011 3
    1010110 86
    1111001 121
    1010001 81

> here's the PHP (don't look so shocked,

"My eyes, my eyes. The goggles do nothing". :-)


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