[Dub-pm] Quick pack question.

Mcnamara John John.Mcnamara at snamprogetti.eni.it
Wed Oct 13 03:43:47 CDT 2004

> How do I take a string formated like so, bitwise-speaking;
> 11111112 22222233 33333444 55556666 ...
> (that is, the first seven bits of the first octet correspond to the
> first character, the last bit of the first octet concatenated with
> the first six of the next correspond to the second character ...)

Here is one way to do it (if I have understood correctly):

    #!/usr/bin/perl -wl

    my $str = sprintf "%032b", 123456789;
    print $str, "\n";

    my $offset = 0;
    while ($offset < length $str) {
        my $septet = unpack 'C', pack 'B7',
                     substr ($str, $offset, 7);
           $septet >>= 1;

        printf "%07b %d\n", ($septet) x 2;
        $offset += 7;


    0000011 3
    1010110 86
    1111001 121
    1010001 81
    0101000 40

It should also be possible to generate a longer "B7" template and have
only one call to pack(). I'll post an example of that if the above is
close to what you want.


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