[Dub-pm] Update, Faraway conferences, and drinking.

Dave O Connor doc at redbrick.dcu.ie
Sat May 29 18:06:05 CDT 2004


The mailing list appears to be back in order, as evidenced by your recieving
this mail, and me recieving a nice batch of spam moderation requests :). So,
were' back in business.

I've been asked to let folks know about the upcoming YAPC::NA::2004 conference
in Buffalo, New York from June 16-18, 2004. More info at 
http://www.yapc.org/America. This is organised by our fellow Perl Monger group
in Buffalo (http://buffalo.pm.org/).

Also, the Call for papers for the first Open Source Developers Conference
(OSDC) in Melbourne, Australia, is coming up. See http://www.osdc.com.au/ if
you happen to know you'll be in Melbourne at the start of December (I know,
I'm scraping here, but I know we have some expats on the list :)). This is
being run by the Melbourne Perl Mongers.

On a final note, I'm hoping to hold the first 'social meeting' of Dublin.pm
next thursday, 3rd June at 7pm in Messrs. on the quays. If you're interested
in heading along, drop me a mail, or head on into #dublin-pm on irc.linux.ie
and try to poke me, or someone else into replying.

Speaking of which, feel free to drop into the IRC channel with any quick
questions, or just to chat. It's been quiet of late, and getting the channel
active would be just super.

That's all for now. Later, folks.

	- DoC

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