[Dub-pm] Dublin.pm Somethingly News - 11 July 2004

Dave O Connor doc at redbrick.dcu.ie
Sun Jul 11 15:24:33 CDT 2004


Couple of things to get updated on. As can be evidenced by our website, we've
now got official O'Reilly User group membership. This involves 20% off
O'Reilly titles when purchased direct from O'Reilly (drop me a mail), The
occasional review book for a lucky (or masochistic) group member to review,
and assorted goodies and bits 'n' bobs (the first gobbet of which arrived in
the post not so long ago).

Dublin.pm may also be featured in an upcoming edition of computerscope. If
your office gets Scope, keep an eye out for this, more on this as I get word
from them.

YAPC::Europe is creeping ever stealthier toward us: It's From 15th-17th
Septemberr in Belfast, and registration is reasonable for a techie conference,
at a mere 65 queenmoneys. I know I've heard from a few people making the trip,
and I also hope to be there. Note that they are now accepting proposals for
lightning talks. If you've got a cool feature, module, algorithm, or anything
else you think would be cool to present, feel free to do so, it'd be dead cool
to get some Dublin.pm involved, considering our proximity :). Check out
http://belfast.yapc.org/ for more details and registration.

I know it's been a long time coming, but I'm hoping to get a technical meeting
of Dublin.pm organised for late august or very early september. The reason for
my tardiness is that I'll be OOTC (out of the country!) from mid-july to
mid-august. What I need (since I'll be around online about as much as I am at
home) is to organise a venue, and some speakers. If anybody feels they can
provide a central venue, even a meeting room in their office, even if there's
a fee involved, please get back to me. Access to a projector would also be
good. Also, if you have a subject you'd like to give a short presentation on,
a cool perl project you need hands and eyes to look at, or anything related to
perl you'd like to speak about to the membership, please do let me know. I'm
personally intending to give a short talk on "Creating Well-Behaved Windows
services with Win32::Daemon". Something along those lines is a good example of
a talk to be given. I've also got some cool O'Reilly stickers, postcards,
bookmarks, and laminated perl debugger cheat sheets to get rid of.

As always, please don't hesitate to use the list, the IRC channel (#dublin-pm
on irc.linux.ie) or mail me directly with any questions, gripes, suggestions,
and general stuff. 

All the best,

	- DoC

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