[Dub-pm] Tip of the day: Multi-line commenting

bobb bobb at redbrick.dcu.ie
Wed Apr 14 07:45:58 CDT 2004

Dave O Connor hath declared on Wednesday the 14 day of April 2004  :-:
> Here's an exercise for the reader (since my vim skillz suck): What's an easy
> way to prepend a hash to a block of selected text?

Strangely enough there are a number of ways... :)

You could mark the block in visual mode and then press colon ":" 
(while still in visual mode) The prompt will look like ( :'<,'> )
you can then put in a substitution of the beginning of a line with a hash,
( s/^/#/ ).

Another way is the use block-visual mode (ctl-v) in column zero,
Select the lines you want to comment, then use "I" to insert, press
hash then <esc>, and apparently I'm your mothers brother...

- bobb

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