[Dub-pm] Dublin.pm

Dave O Connor doc at redbrick.dcu.ie
Fri Apr 9 11:37:02 CDT 2004

(Crossposting this here for reference. This has gone to c.l.p.m, ilug,
sage-ie, ie.comp, and redbrick and DMZ newsgroups. Anyone feeling like posting
it on private groups like Matrix, I'd be grateful. I'll post it on boards.ie
myself in a bit.)

To whom it may concern,

This is to announce the (re)formation of the Dublin perl Mongers user group,
under the management of myself. Any perl users in the Dublin, Ireland area
(And beyond!) are invited to join. Details, and mailing list information
are available on the (bare-bones!) Dublin.pm website at http://dublin.pm.org.

Although this incarnation is in its initial stages, we hope to arrange f2f
meetings in the near future, and also hope to attend YAPC::Europe as a user
group later this year. More on this onlist.

Any comment, suggestions, questions, etc. are welcome at the address above

Many thanks to Fergal Daly for graciously allowing Dublin.pm to fall to me
to tame, and Dave Cross for getting stuff set up.

        - DoC

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