[DFW.pm] proposing new meeting schedule

Tom Metro tmetro+dfw-pm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 14:06:27 PST 2015

Tommy Butler wrote:
> More of us are increasingly facing pressure getting to meetings on
> Wednesdays.

FYI, VM Brasseur cited switching from a fixed day of the month to a
floating day as one of the reasons they were able to boost SF.pm's
membership by 50%:


  "... I started meeting with some local Mongers to get some feedback on
  where SF.pm has been and where they'd like to see it go. A lot of them
  said they were no longer attending because there were too many other
  meetups which landed on the usual SF.pm meeting night. So I scrapped
  the set "last Tuesday of the month" date in favor of a monthly event
  which would float to wherever it worked best that month. This allowed
  for a more diverse pool of potential attendees. Rather than just
  seeing the same faces each time, we now were seeing people who hadn't
  been able to attend either ever or for several months at a time. As
  well, having a flexible meeting date made it easier to mesh our
  schedule with that of potential speakers."

The 50% growth I believe refers to their mailing list subscribers, and
not necessarily their meeting attendance. I would tend to think a
floating day would end up being neutral on meeting attendance, with some
former regulars being replaced by other people that formerly had a conflict.

A floating days would also make reserving a meeting space a challenge,
unless you schedule your speakers many months in advance.


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