[DFW.pm] YES! We're Meeting tonight! Special guest presenter bonus!

Andrew Sohn asohn.unique at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 17:07:34 PDT 2014

Sorry, I'm new to this. Location is advertised on the sure but the door is locked; is it by invite only on site and broadcast/remote only otherwise?

> On Sep 10, 2014, at 11:48, Tommy Butler <dfwpm at internetalias.net> wrote:
> OK yes, I just did use more exclamation points in my subject line than a used car salesman, but every once in a while the caffeine gets to me.
> No, wait.  Maybe it's the lack of caff... Nevermind!  We are meeting tonight from 7 pm to 9 pm at the new Dallas Makerspace location where the meeting was held last month, and we have got ourselves a guest presenter!  The DMS is at:
> 1825 Monetary Lane
> Suite 104
> Carrollton, TX 75006
> (214) 699-6537
> Our celebrity guest is none other than our own fearless John Dexter.  He's going to tell us all about Docker, and hopefully show us some cool examples of how we can use it to deploy our apps like the cool kids.  This is a chance to walk away with working knowledge of a tool that will make your life /easier/.  You should not miss this.
> As always, I'll send out google hangout invites to whomever sends me their google ID between now and the meeting.  If you've ever sent your ID before, I'll probably have saved that and will send you an invite too.  Online "seats" are limited though-- if we max out the hangout then you won't be able to connect.  First come, first served.
> And in closing I'll just remind everyone that we remain committed to our schedule/routine, so as to be predictably present for anyone just walking in based on a web search or wall board posting.  As stated above, it's always 7 to 9.  By then we have often grown hungry after our long and intense pursuit of greater awesomeness.  So it's only natural that after the meeting we'll probably go in search of worthy refreshment nearby, which when found will then be heartily imbibed with warm mirth of Perlish friendship.
> No that's a hot deal, err, meal.  You're invited, so come and learn Perl with us.
> See you tonight Perl Mongers!
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> Tommy Butler, John Fields
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