[DFW.pm] Stop sending me invitations to your events

Tommy Butler dfwpm at internetalias.net
Wed Oct 15 14:37:12 PDT 2014

Hi Mark (fpuzhpx).

You are subscribed to the DFW Perl Mongers list.  These announcements
are sent to the list monthly, because those who have signed up for the
list are typically interested in our meetings.  To unsubscribe from our
list, please go here:


Have a wonderful day.

-- Tommy Butler, list manager, DFW.pm group organizer

On 10/15/2014 02:30 PM, fpuzhpx at streetwisemail.com wrote:
> Here is a sample invitation, in case it is not clear what I am complaining about.
> http://a.pomf.se/rtfsld.png
> The "Unsubscribe" link doesn't work and there is no way provided to contact the sender.
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