[DFW.pm] Trouble running a simple perl program

Tommy Butler dfwpm at internetalias.net
Fri Jan 10 14:17:16 PST 2014

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On 01/10/2014 04:14 PM, rickazevedo2 at lycos.com wrote:
>  I think I'm using Strawberry... will look at perlmonks.org.  thx
> on Jan 10, 2014, *Tommy Butler* <dfwpm at internetalias.net> wrote:
>     I'm curious: Is there a particular reason why you are using
>     ActiveState Perl instead of Strawberry?
>     In addition to this list I aways recommend that questions be asked
>     on www.perlmonks.org as well.  The site looks like it's straight
>     out of the nineties, but it is actually tremendously useful.  They
>     have a few resident Perl-On-Windows gurus too.
>     --Tommy Butler
>     On 01/10/2014 02:05 PM, rickazevedo2 at lycos.com
>     <mailto:rickazevedo2 at lycos.com> wrote:
>>     Sorry, but I have no idea.  Is the Perl executable in XP
>>     compatibility mode?
>>     on Jan 10, 2014, *John Fields* <wigthft at gmail.com>
>>     <mailto:wigthft at gmail.com> wrote:
>>         Well poo.  Getting the version worked on Wednesday night.
>>         No,  because you are telling what you have (win8) to treat
>>         the program as if it was running on XP.  Or to actually be
>>         backward compatible for this one program. Because win8
>>         doesn't look back. Like a shark it has no neck.
>>         (Futurama joke)
>>         Try right clicking on the Perl.exe executable, select
>>         properties, compatibility tab,  XP Service Pack 3 mode.  Hmmmmmm.
>>         On Jan 10, 2014 1:00 PM, <rickazevedo2 at lycos.com
>>         <mailto:rickazevedo2 at lycos.com>> wrote:
>>             perl -v gave me the same error message.  Wouldn't XP
>>             Compatibility mode be wrong for Windows 8?
>>             on Jan 10, 2014, *John Fields* <wigthft at gmail.com
>>             <mailto:wigthft at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>                 Hmmm.  Just like Padre was doing at first.
>>                 Let's recheck: run "Perl -v" and see if it still
>>                 gives you the version number and the paragraph of text.
>>                 That should still work.  If it doesn't then something
>>                 is different since wed night.  May need to apply the
>>                 XP Compatibility mode setting to the Perl.exe file
>>                 under c:\strawberry since win8 makes life hard just
>>                 because it seems.
>>                 On Jan 10, 2014 11:10 AM, <rickazevedo2 at lycos.com
>>                 <mailto:rickazevedo2 at lycos.com>> wrote:
>>                     With the command line open, I type "perl
>>                     helloworld.pl <http://helloworld.pl>" (the name
>>                     of the file) and hit enter.  It gives me the
>>                     "0xc000007" error message, refusing to execute
>>                     the program.  I looked up answers online and a
>>                     lot of them are "reboot the machine" "try
>>                     reinstalling" etc.  I rebooted and it didn't fix
>>                     anything.  A registry-fixer was recommended but I
>>                     decided to uninstall it after installing.  It
>>                     would be nice to have some help.  Thank you.
>>                      Rick Azevedo
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