[DFW.pm] But what about Perl 6?

Bruce Gray bruce.gray at acm.org
Sat Jan 4 11:36:03 PST 2014

On Dec 26, 2013, at 10:25 PM, Tommy Butler <dfwpm at internetalias.net> wrote:

> Do you want a custom-compiled Rakudo, or is the current stable release (according to the Debian Rakudo Maintainers) ok with you?  It's version 0.1~2012.01-1

The bare “Rakudo” 2012.01 release will not be very useful.

The "Rakudo Star” package includes modules that anyone would need for this contest (e.g. Digest::MD5 and File::Find).
The latest is 2013.12.

These steps (retrieve+build+install) completed in <15 minutes on my laptop:
    curl -O http://rakudo.org/downloads/star/rakudo-star-2013.12.tar.gz
    tar xf                                   rakudo-star-2013.12.tar.gz
    cd                                       rakudo-star-2013.12
    perl Configure.pl --prefix=/usr/local/rakudo --gen-parrot &> conf.log
    make                                                      &> make.log
    make install                                              &> inst.log
    /usr/local/rakudo/bin/perl6 -e 'say "It works!"'
Of course, replace /usr/local/rakudo with your choice of location.

Thank you,
Bruce Gray

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