[DFW.pm] And now a word from our sponsor (really!)

Tommy Butler dfwpm at internetalias.net
Wed Jan 1 13:23:18 PST 2014

I'd like to thank The Perl Shop for sponsoring our hackathon
competition.  It was unsolicited, they just kindly stepped forward and
did it.  They've provided us with professional Perl consulting, event
planning, and a professional judge to help John and me (which is
something I heartily welcome).  I stand behind companies that use and
promote Perl, so my thanks goes to The Perl Shop for their support of
this hackathon and the Perl community.

I'm pasting in a copy of their cool logo with a link to their website
<http://www.theperlshop.com/>.  If you would be so kind, please take a
moment to reply and let Tom Metro and the other folks at The Perl Shop
know that we appreciate them.


--Tommy Butler
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