[DFW.pm] near-future meeting plans

Tommy Butler dfwpm at internetalias.net
Thu May 30 08:21:01 PDT 2013

This month's Perl Mongers meeting may be skipped in lieu of the YAPC
North American Perl conference that some of us are attending in Austin

I'm asking the group for a show of hands, or emails, on what topics the
group would like to cover in future meetings.  Also, I'm asking for
anyone who'd be willing to speak/present/rant about a given Perl topic
to step forward and email me about it.

So sound off about the ideas below and provide your own suggestions of
topics you'd like to know more about and/or share.  *Please* toss your
ideas and opinions into the hat.  We're going to have a lot more fun and
a lot more attendance by covering the topics that we care most about. 
Lurkers, this means you too :-)

Potential topics that have been tossed around include:

  * Crash course series on Perl for absolute beginners
  * Regular expressions
  * Winning with Perlbrew
  * Working with databases which could be a multi-part workshop
      o basic serialized datastructures
      o Berkeley DB
      o SQLite?
      o classic DBI
      o DBIx::Class
  * Perl on Windows
  * Distributing and managing distributions with Dist::Zilla
  * Automated Testing with Test::More and friends
  * Perl to JSON to jQuery and back
  * Moose and Moo
  * A full demonstration of the Catalyst MVC stack with complete working
    examples of a functional website including user accounts and logins
      o Authentication and Authorization
      o DBIC
      o Sessions
      o Nginx and Starman
      o HTML / HTML5
      o AJAX with jQuery
      o CSS and JavaScript glue
      o Template::Toolkit
  * Perl for system administration and automation
  * Network programming
  * IPC (interprocess communication)
  * Threading and Forking

--Tommy Butler
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