[DFW.pm] Update on our collaborative git/catalyst project "SpamMeNot"

Tommy Butler dfwpm at internetalias.net
Wed Mar 27 16:02:28 PDT 2013

SpamMeNot mail server-- now with internationalized domain name
support/resolution and IPV6!  (changes not yet committed to github, but
eh, it made my inner nerd excited so I thought I'd say so).  Commit

$ nc 0 20202
220 Hello ::ffff: - This is a SpamMeNot server.  We won't be
accepting junk mail today.
HELO müller.com
250 hello
221 Bye

Note the above conversation is not RFC-compliant, but I'm workin on that.

--Tommy Butler

On 03/22/2013 11:50 PM, Tommy Butler wrote:
> Ladies, gentlemen, aliens, robots, and other DFW Perl mongers,
> We've got a working mail server now in our git repo! 

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