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Sent from my Samsung Epic™ 4G TouchLarry Emmett <LEmmett at efji.com> wrote:I suddenly feel much older than I did a bit ago.
The year showing here is 2000 (http://computer-programming-forum.com/53-perl/b74b1a646f64f07e.htm) which is wrong, it was before that.  The text of the original announcement read as follows:
The first meeting of the Dallas Perl Mongers is on: 

  Date:  Wednesday, July 15 
  Time:  7:00pm 
  Place: Juan's Cantina, southwest corner of Central 
         Espressway and Belt Line Rd, Richardson. 
When you get there, tell 'em you're with "The Perl Group". 
(I really don't want to try to explain to the management 
what a "Perl Monger" is.) 
Agenda:    7:00  Get there. 
           7:10  Order refreshments. 
           7:30  Throw security badges into the basket 
                 for the drawing.  Whose ever badge you 
                 draw, you have to pretend to be that person 
                 for the rest of the year.  First one to get 
                 promoted wins a free subscription to TPJ. 
See ya there. 
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Anybody remember the date the group was started?  I think 15 years of parsing should be celebrated.  Perhaps with flaming Dr. Peppers....
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Tommy Butler <dfwpm at internetalias.net> wrote:
To be more specific-- you can have a Dr. Pepper with me too, if beer isn't your thing.

--Tommy Butler

On 02/27/2013 05:34 PM, Tommy Butler wrote:
Well, quite a few mongers kick back with a beer by their laptop at our meetings.  To anyone who hasn't already done so-- come on out!  Chug one down!  Be awesome!

--Tommy Butler
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