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Tommy Butler dfwpm at internetalias.net
Wed Feb 27 11:35:36 PST 2013

We get recruiter "spam" from time to time on this mailing list.  For
some, it's appreciated.  For most, it's annoying because it's a
technical mailing list were we discuss technical things and not other

Today I beg your indulgence for a slightly off-topic post, non-technical
in nature, but Perl-related and for the potential benefit of our
membership.  In our first meeting since the "reboot" of DFW.pm, I
explained that our projects together were to accomplish at least these
two things -- to have fun and to learn skills that were valuable in
today's workplace.  Two big wins, to exercise and enjoy however you want.

So having said that, I wanted to disclose that I know about some open
jobs in the DFW area.  I will probably seldom if ever mention this again
out of respect to the charter of our group and the mailing list in
general.  But for the benefit of those who are seeking work in today's
difficult times I wanted to let you know that the things you are
learning in our meetings are skills that are in high demand in today's
business world.  Right here in DFW I am aware of jobs that require
people with our Perl skill set.  They are local, legit, and pay nicely.

If you or a friend is looking for employment, that can be a tough place
to be.  I know; I've been there.  If you are looking for employment,
please ping me off-list at <dfwpm at internetalias dot net> and I can
give you specific details.

Thanks for the great discussions we've had recently on the list.  I'm
really looking forward to our next meeting.

Until then, /keep improving./

--Tommy Butler
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