[DFW.pm] Not only was Patrick right, but Vim backs him up...

Tommy Butler dfwpm at internetalias.net
Thu Feb 21 10:04:01 PST 2013

In our last meeting Patrick M mentioned that it was a Perlesque thing to
do to place a *"#XXX"*designator comment wherever there was code that
needed to be revisited.  He went on to say that in the collaborative
development on Perl 5, the maintainers use that "flag" to signal that
something needs to be looked over again.

I thought to myself that I'd adopt the convention and try it out.  Well
for anyone who knows me, I'm a hardcover Vim'mer, and my .vimrc file is
customized for Perl development.  All Perl syntax highlighting and
context-based auto-folding is enabled, plugins installed, ad nauseum.

Today when I typed in the old *"#XXX"* comment into vim, the Perl syntax
highlighting engine lit it up in bright color.  I've attached a
screenshot inline for anyone who might find it even as partially amusing
as myself.  Even with the *:setnohls* flag enabled for vim, the Perl
syntax highlighter *still* highlights the *"#XXX"*so that it is very
easy to see when speedily combing through a file.

AWESOME!  As a demonstration, I typed it in several times for maximum
shock value---

What can I say?  These little things amuse me.  Now please try your
hardest to refrain from telling me how lame I am for not knowing this
already.  If you can't resist, it's OK, I guess I can take it.

--Tommy Butler
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