[DFW.pm] Announcement: Our development server is online

Stuart Johnston saj at thecommune.net
Tue Feb 19 09:09:47 PST 2013

Are you planning to have dfw.pm.org updated to point at this site?  Or, 
since it is currently static HTML, I could copy it over manually.

On 2/19/2013 10:44 AM, Tommy Butler wrote:
> OK, so awesome news...
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Linux server donated by John Fields is online and ready to rock.
> Next time we meet, we'll start building the awesome things on it that we
> talked about and planned during our meeting last Wednesday, like the
> daemonized SpamMeNot application with the embedded Catalyst controller
> and DBIx::Class backend, and eventually the web application that will
> power our own website.
> These things will start out simple, and then they will grow, as we grow
> together.  At our next meeting we'll be doing some database design for
> our application in a hackathon format, so you're going to get some
> exposure to *SQL* on Linux.  Please be ready to bring a laptop and a friend.
> Our development server is at *http://perl.atrixnet.com* because it's
> hosted out of my home lab for the time being, and I have lifetime free
> dyndns for the atrixnet.com domain due to a generous gift by the dyndns
> organization several years back in support of my long-time involvement
> in Perl.
> /
> Please don't attempt to SSH into the server right now./  Your IP segment
> will be automatically blacklisted after a few failed attempts, and it
> only accepts SSH keys anyway (no passwords). Please wait to receive your
> SSH key at our next meeting or contact me privately to talk about
> getting an account set up if you'd like to poke around before then.
> Access will be subject to an approval process including having
> personally met with John Fields and/or me as a primary requirement.
> Remember that our project files are hosted on github
> <https://github.com/tommybutler/dfwpm.git> and you can hack on them at
> any time.  If you haven't gotten contributor permissions, just ask on
> the list.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Now, the rest of this email you can skip if you don't like touchy-feely
> stuff.  This is just an expression of my gratitude to you good folks and
> doesn't have anything technologically pertinent to the announcements above.
> My personal motto is to always /*"keep improving"*/, and while I would
> never attempt to assert my own beliefs or feelings on others, I do know
> that this core principle of open source and Perl in general will carry
> us forward to good things in the future as we apply it in our monthly
> gatherings.  We meet together, we learn, and we work in order to improve
> ourselves and that is a lot of fun.
> Thank you for being a DFW Perl monger.  Thank you for coming to our
> meetings.  Thank you for following the mailing list.  Thank you for your
> contributions, great and small, that help us /*"keep improving"*/.
> --
> Tommy Butler, John Fields
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