[DFW.pm] Are you coming to YAPC this year in Austin?

Todd Rinaldo toddr at cpanel.net
Sat Feb 9 11:34:33 PST 2013

Dallas Perl Mongers,

This is Todd down in Houston. I want to make sure you're aware of the upcoming YAPC (Yet ANOTHER Perl Conference) which will be held in Austin this year June 3-5.

If you plan to go to YAPC or would like to find out more about it, I encourage you to go to http://yapcna.org , Create an account and/or login, and register for YAPC. No payment is required to register. It's just a way of indicating you plan to come. Make sure you specify your perl monger group. Right now Houston.pm is beating out Dallas (SirSpammenot) and Austin (Jeremy) for attendees: http://www.yapcna.org/yn2013/stats

You should also join the yapc at pm.org mailing list. In addition to finding out about what's happening at YAPC, it's a great way to communicate with fellow attendees before and during the conference. http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/yapc

Todd Rinaldo

P.S. The database used for last year is not the same as this year, so if you've only been to YAPC 2012, you'll need to create a new account.

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