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Tommy Butler dfwpm at internetalias.net
Tue Nov 13 11:23:11 PST 2012

Next month we are going to resume having regular meetings with real
speakers, presentations, interactive labs, and so forth.  John and I
have found a welcoming location for our meetings, but it is open to us
only on Wednesdays.  I'm proposing that we start meeting on the second
Wednesday of each month.

Feel free to voice any concerns about the proposed time, and they will
be considered.  Please take into account however that we arrange our
meetings around the times when we have a place available to gather, and
when it is convenient for the presenters (who work hard and sacrifice
time/effort on our behalf in order to bring us Perl awesomeness).

John and I have a great treat in store for us all.  We have some
excellent meetings lined up, regarding topics that are very popular in
the Perl community today (relevant knowledge), in high market-demand and
at useful at $work (profitable knowledge), and technology that is fun to
work with (awesome knowledge).

Our first meeting next month will be a meet and greet where we will
unveil our shiny new curriculum for the next several months.

There is no formal meeting tonight/tomorrow, but feel free to gather
amongst yourselves as desired!

Tommy Butler
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