[DFW.pm] Dallas MakerSpace Open House is TODAY!

John Fields wigthft at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 09:45:21 PST 2012

(No perl this time around - just general interest...)
Just in case you hadn't heard - it is time to party!  Geek party! With Free food and more stuff!
Robots, quad-copters, electron-omix, metal melting and forging, wood working, precision airbrushing... you  name it we do it (and so 
can you!).

Come on out anytime today, but things start rolling down after 7.
John Fields


Raffle tickets are $5 each, funds from the raffle will be earmarked for acquiring a new laser cutter system for DMS.
Tickets will be drawn for prizes starting at 1 pm and continuing every hour. Prize order starts at the bottom of the list and ends 
at the top.
All raffle ticket purchases are tax deductible. Winners must be present to win.

*6 PM
*2 Pololu 3pi Robot $99
2 Sparkfun Inventors Kit $94.95

*5 PM*
3 Olimex AVR-MT128 AVR Dev Board $49.99
3 SparkFun LilyPad E-Sewing Kit $54.99

*4 PM*
3 SparkFun Netduino Mini $29.95
3 SparkFun Tool Kit – Beginner $21.95

*3 PM*
1 SparkFun LilyPad TechStyles Kit $24.95
3 SparkFun Simon Game – Through-Hole Soldering Kit $24.95

*2 PM*
2 SparkFun LED Christmas Tree Kit $17.95
2 Oreilly Getting Started with Arduino $12.99

*1 PM*
3 Sparkfun Weevil Eye Kit $9.95
2 SparkFun Wire Strippers 30AWG $4.95
4 Hackerspace Passport $1.95

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