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Jerry Kassebaum kassebaumj at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 7 13:41:29 PST 2012

Thanks, Stuart, fREW and Tommy, for your help!

Catalyst as in networking? The Dallas library has Network Warrior by Donahue, Gary A. Would you (y'all) recommend that or something else?

How about Network Flow Analysis by Lucas, Michael? Anyone read it?

I'll pick up Modern Perl Programming by Saltzman, Michael and Higher-order Perl: A Guide to Program Transformation by Dominus, Mark Jason tomorrow. I hope those are the two you meant.

I came up empty looking for Moose, Plack, Dancer, Mojolicious, DBIx. Unless you think I should prioritize one of them, I'll save that for later.

Jerry Kassebaum

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