[DFW.pm] Perl Programming position in Dallas

John Fields jfields.dfw.pm.org at spammenot.com
Tue Jan 18 15:10:44 PST 2011

I'll 4th, etc. that.  I found and (We) hired TommyB off the list about 1.5 yrs ago
and it has been the best thing ever.
Scheming at work to get to do it again.  :)

But generic headhunter postings, on the other hand, are almost always noise.
John Fields

On 01/18/2011 04:30 PM, kevin wrote:
> I fully agree with Larry on this, he just beat me to posting first. :)
> Especially given the current economy, as long as the job requires Perl,
> is local, and it's clear who to contact so as to take any other
> communication offline -- I'd say please post the job here before sending
> it to a more generic site.
> Kevin
> On 01/18/2011 12:26 PM, Larry Emmett wrote:
>> Personally I look at early access to local perl jobs as a perk of being
>> on the DFW.pm list.  I do prefer the brevity of "There's a perl postion
>> with company X doing Y, contact person at companyx.com if you're
>> interested." over generic job site formatted blurbs.
>> It's to the benefit of the employer to also post on jobs.perl.org, but
>> as long as the jobs are 1) local and 2) primarily perl, I'd be inclined
>> to encourage the practice of posting to DFW.pm.
>> I may be a little biased though because I've personally sent out job
>> postings to the list to good response (none of them brief)in the past
>> and I've previously been placed by Robert Half and very pleased with the
>> experience (about as far from a fly by night organization as any I've
>> worked with).
>> If others disagree, I'd be happy to volunteer to receive all early
>> notices of perl openings in DFW to keep them out of your way :)
>> --
>> Larry
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