[DFW.pm] DFW.pm website

Nick Perez nick at nickandperla.net
Tue Jan 18 10:41:45 PST 2011

This is entirely my fault, too. Time got away from me and I just never
put together the site. If anyone is motivated to throw together some
basic html, I've got the webdav credentials and we can liberally
sprinkle them around until the magic website-fairies come visit.

On Tue, 18 Jan 2011 12:38:15 -0600
Matthew Musgrove <mr.muskrat at gmail.com> wrote:

> http://dfw.pm.org/ shows:
> DFW.pm Coming soon... --jhannah 20100928
> So when will the DFW.pm website be back up?
> Matt


Nicholas Perez
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