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[Forwarding this to DFW.pm folks in case anyone is interested.  
I'm planning to submit a Perl 6 talk for Texas Linux Fest.  --Pm]

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Subject: APM: Texas Linux Fest: The 2011 Call for Papers is Open


according to my little research Austin.pm is in light sleep mode.
The latest thing the web site mentions is a meeting in
December 2008 - more than 2 years ago - but the mailing list
indicates some more activity.

What about trying to use the opportunity of the Texas Linux Fest
to try to increase the activity in the group?

See the CFP for the Texas Linux Fest below.

Just to compare, SCALE in Los Angeles will have 2 Perl related
talks - one of them by chromatic, sponsored by the
Perl Ecosystem Group - and they will also have an LA.pm / Perl booth.

It would be nice to have a few Perl related talk here too and
to have a Perl / Austin.pm booth - if it is possible.

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Subject: The 2011 Call for Papers is Open
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Texas Linux Fest 2011 Call For Papers open!

We are proud to officially open the call for papers for Texas Linux
Fest 2011, scheduled for April 2 at the Hilton Austin hotel in
downtown Austin, Texas.

Texas Linux Fest 2011 is the second annual Linux and open source
software event for Texas and the surrounding region.  We are
assembling a one day program for the business and home Linux user, and
for the experienced developer and newcomer alike.

-- Join in: submit your talk --

In that spirit, we invite you to share your work with the rest of the
community by submitting your talk for this year's schedule.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

 - The Linux Kernel
 - Open Source Programming Languages
 - Databases
 - Desktop Linux Distributions
 - Embedded Linux
 - Linux in the Server Environment
 - Network Services and Cloud Computing
 - Free Software Licensing
 - Community Management
 - Open Source Multimedia
 - Green Computing
 - Open Source in Government
 - Linux For Beginners
 - Open Source For Small Businesses
 - Open Source Marketing and Evangelism
 - Open Source in Education


Slots will be available for two lengths of presentations: 45 minutes
in length and shorter, 25 minute sessions.  Basic technical setup will
include an overhead projector and a Linux laptop with PDF and
OpenOffice.org presentation software.  Special setup needs will be
accommodated, simply notify us when sending your proposal.

To submit your talk for consideration, visit
http://www.texaslinuxfest.org/callforpapers/ .  For questions or help
with the talk submission process, please contact the team at
info at texaslinuxfest.org

-- Important Dates --

 - January 17: Call For Papers opens
 - February 14, 11:59 p.m.: Deadline for proposals
 - February 25: Last date for notification of submission acceptance
Austin mailing list
Austin at pm.org

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