[Columbus-pm] weird datetime / push behavior

Smith,Devon smithde at oclc.org
Tue May 18 13:07:02 PDT 2010

It adds the fist and only DateTime object. Dumper is showing that all
successive additions are in fact references to that first object. You
might want to create a new object for each iteration, depending on
actual needs.


Devon Smith
Consulting Software Engineer
OCLC Research

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see this sample script.

use strict;
use DateTime;
use Data::Dumper;

my $d = DateTime->now;

my @days;
foreach my $i ( 1..7 )
    push( @days, $d );
    $d->add( 'days' => 1);

print Dumper \@days;

It adds the first datetime object... but isn't doing what you expect
for the next iterations... what's going on here?

$VAR1 = [
          bless( {
                 }, 'DateTime' ),
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