[columbus.pm] Greetings all you Columbus Perl Mongers

chris chris at theconceited.com
Fri Feb 6 20:47:16 CST 2004

An idea just hit me for a project...perhaps some of you can advise me on 
the feasibility of it.  Right now I am searching through the databases of 
the YSU Maag library, the Mahoning County public library system, and 
OhioLink(sure you're all familiar with that one).  The frustrating thing is 
that I am searching for the same set of books at each.  While Maagnet and 
Ohiolink overlap a bit, its not enough to be useful(mostly, it just yells 
at me on Ohiolink when i look for a book that Maag has...and refuses to let 
me request it).  If I could build a small program to search through all 3 
web-based databases, it would be very useful.  If I could build it in such 
a way that I could easily add new sites to its searches, that would be 
really, really useful(like say, return listings on Amazon if nothing can be 
found in the library systems).

Doesn't seem like something all that complicated, but again I'm a newbie so 
perhaps the project is deceptively simple?

On a somewhat related note:  any computer-related books you perl-mongers 
would recommend?  Not technical how-to's, bur rather stuff that might be 
called "informative entertainment."  To give an idea, my recent reading 
list is "The Cuckoo's Egg" by Clifford Stoll, "Just for Fun" by Linus 
Torvalds, "Cyberpunk," and "Rebel Code."

I think "The Mythical Man-Month" will probably be next, its referenced so 
much in the other books.

>However, you are correct, our website does need something.  A new project 
>Any ideas anyone?
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