[Cologne-pm] YAPC::Europe::2003

A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Mon Apr 28 13:26:34 CDT 2003

* D at vid lacravate <lacravate at mongueurs.net> [2003-04-28 18:18]:
> Oh , by the way , i hope you appreciated the effort i made
> by awakening my old rusted german and let me apologise for
> the pain its grammar , syntax and all must have inflicted
> toy your good sense ...

It was just barely tolerable ;-> And very obviously written
by a French guy - I could almost hear the accent from the
words on my screen. :)

I'll very probably not attend - like Damon, due to monetary
reasons. I sure as heck would like to.. maybe next year.


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